19 March 2014

India - A brief shot

India - A brief shot


  • India is the biggest democratic country in the world

  • It is a land of different social cultural contrasts.
  • It is marked by unity in diversity.
  • It is a country of great geographical extent.
  • It is described as a sub continent.

  • The Name: India

    • The name INDIA is derived from the great Sindhu/Indus river in the North West part of the country.
    • Greeks used to call the people around Sindhu as Indoi.
    • Gradually it developed to India, which the Britishers used to call those people.
    • And India is also called by another name called BHARAT.
    • This name is taken from the great ruler of India, Bharat in the ancient times.

    Diversified Physio-graphic Conditions:

    • North - Snow capped Himalayan mountains.
    • Middle - Vast Indo Gangetic plain.
    • West - Plateaus in the peninsula as well as the dry desert sands on the west.
    • South - Coastal plains on the Indian Ocean Shores.


    • Overall Monsoon type of climate.
    • But many variations in climatic conditions can be seen.

    Major Latitude:

    • Tropic of Cancer runs half way through the country.
    • Southern half experiences tropical climate.
    • Northern half belongs to warm temperate zone.


    • A variety of soils are distributed through out the land of India.
    • Types of soils that can be found are - Alluvial soils, Black soils, Red soils and Laterite soils.


    • In India we can see huge number of castes, religions, creed, race, cultures, practices and many more.
    • India is a diversified country.
    • All living on the same land.
    • That is why India is regarded a Unity in Diversity.


    • Physio-graphic conditions: Himalayas, Indo gangetic plain, Peninsular plateau, dry desert sands, coastal plains. 
    • Animal-Crop-Mineral: Cattle, buffaloes; paddy, wheat; iron, manganese etc. 
    • Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Chrisanity. Cultures: Aryan, Dravidian.
    • Rivers: Ganga, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Krishna. 
    • Climate: Tropical Monsoon, Warm temperate.
    • Soils: Alluvial, Black, Red and Laterite soils.

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