22 February 2016

Schemes initiated by the Telangana Government

Previously we discussed the Polices of Telanagana State.

Now we will discuss about different schemes initiated by the government of Telangana for the welfare of women, dalits, poor, old people and others.

Here is the list of schemes by Telangana government
  1. Kalyana Lakshni Scheme
  2. Arogya Lakshmi
  3. Asara Pension Scheme
  4. Telangana Housing for the poor
  5. Land distribution to dalits
  6. Rice distribution scheme
  7. SHE teams
  8. Strengthening security apparatus

Let's discuss each scheme in detail

TSPSC- Schemes of the Telangana Government

  1. Kalyana Lakshni Scheme

    • This scheme is for SC/ST girls who are getting married.
    • Government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 to the bride's family.
    • Telangana girls who are above 18 years of age, belonging to SC or ST, with an annual income below Rs. 2 Lakh are eligible for this scheme.
    • It became operational since October 2, 2014.
  2. Arogya Lakshmi

    • It aims at providing One full meal for pregnant and lactating women at the anganwadi centre.
    • It was launched on January 1, 2015.
    • Eligible for this scheme are: Pregnant women, Lactating mothers, children below 6 years.
    • Government is spending Rs. 627.96 crore for this scheme.
  3. Asara Pension Scheme

    • This scheme is for old people, widows, handicapped, HIV patients and others who lost their way of income.
    • Till now government spent Rs. 4,700 crore for this scheme.
    • It works under social safety net strategy welfare mission of Telangana stste.
  4. Telangana Housing for the poor

    • This scheme aims to improve the standard of living for the poor.
    • It provides 2BHK flats in Hyderabad and other urban areas.
    • Government is spending Rs. 37 crore on this housing scheme.
  5. Land distribution to dalits

    • This scheme is also called 'Dalitulaku Bhupampini'.
    • It allotted 3 acers of land along with irrigation facilities to landless SC women.
    • It was inaugurated on the independence day at Golconda fort.
    • Government spent Rs. 94 crore in the first year for this scheme.
  6. Rice distribution scheme

    • Under this scheme, government provides 87.57 lakh eligible farmers, are provided with rice for Rs. 1 per kg.
    • Its aim is to eradicate hunger deaths in Telangana.
    • This scheme provides rice to each and every person in the family. Each person will be given 6 kg of rice.
    • To implement this scheme government needs 1.80 lakh MT of rice every month.
  7. SHE teams

    • SHE teams are introduced for the safety of women and girls.
    • It aims to monitor eve teasers and stalkers in rural and urban areas.
    • It came into force on 1st April, 2015.
    • For SHE team idea, state government appointed a seven member committee, headed by IAS officer Poonam Malkondaiah.
  8. Strengthening security apparatus

    • Telangana government introduced this scheme to safeguard and secure the lives of citizens in the state.
    • It spent Rs. 271 crore to purchase 4,433 vehicles for Hyderabad and Cyberabad police.
    • Telangana government monthly allocated to each police station as follows - 
      • in city : Rs. 75,000
      • in District Head Quarters: Rs. 50,000
      • in villages: Rs. 25,000
    • It also introduced CCTV project by which 1 lakh CCTV cameras will be set in the city of Hyderabad, to monitor the functioning of the city and its people.

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